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Well hello!  You found me, and now want to know a little bit more about me, huh?  Okay, here goes.  Hang on because I’ve been known to ramble…

You could possibly say that my passion for photography is hereditary.  In a time before photography was really considered a mainstream hobby, my grandfather meticulously documented my father and aunt’s formative years with film and video.  Once I was old enough, I spent hours handling the prints and albums, and watching the home movies.  It was such a treasure for me to be able to see my Dad and aunt grow up – very surreal.  And, I realized I wanted that for myself.  I wanted to document MY life and the details of those around me.  My first camera was an instant polaroid and I loved taking snapshots of everyday things and daily activities.  Throughout my adolescence and young adulthood I often dragged my camera along to document my experiences, much to my friends’ chagrin.  When I became a mom in 2002, I became an avid scrapbooker and starting taking A LOT more photos – my camera essentially became another appendage, I was never without it because I was afraid I would miss something important.  I loved the tactile feel of film and the paper prints, so I was reluctant to join the emerging digital camera wave.  But as it usually does, life and technology moved forward forcing me to reevaluate my anti-digital stance.  So in early 2006, with some trepidation, I purchased my first DSLR.  I have never looked back.  Since my early Polaroid days, I have moved through the photography ranks getting progressively more sophisticated gear, or, as my husband likes to call it “more expensive stuff” ;-).  I have also gathered a higher level of skill, tirelessly striving to perfect my craft by attending workshops, participating in forums, and undertaking personal photography challenges. 

My household consists of my wonderful husband Ken and our two (typical) teenage sons, Aiden and Porter.  Rounding out the family are our fur kids:  two golden retrievers named Kola and Pergo, and Luna, our tuxedo cat.  All of whom are very tolerant of my photography obsession.  Really, the boys let me throw water in their faces, just because I wanted to capture the neat arc and splash of water.  Now, THAT’S what I call support!  And our pets, too, endure their fair share of camera time.  (If you’d like to see some of my personal projects, look HERE.)

I am a bit of a "furry freak", as I love to get my hands on domestic animals.  And, you can bet that I'll use a really idiotic voice to talk to any passing pets.  I'm a Starbucks addict, although I can't seem to decide on a favorite drink.  Sweet and warm is usually the ticket though!  I love to eat great food, but I despise cooking.  I love reading; the topic doesn’t really matter as long as the book is well written and it’s a bonus if the book has depth.  My favorite genre is historical fiction.  I love being outside – hiking, walking, or just out scouting for wildlife.  In fact, most of my spare time is dedicated to wildlife photography, and if you’re interested, you can check out some of my favorites HERE.  As far as my passion goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as my youngest son Porter has recently embraced wildlife photography as well, so we can oftentimes be found wandering parks in the early weekend mornings looking for little feathered or furried treasures.  Lastly, my favorite color is yellow.

I firmly believe that photographs are one’s of life’s most precious possessions, and that the memories behind them as just as important!


PS  I am much more comfortable behind the camera as opposed to in front of it, thus my goofy photo on this page.  So, if you aren’t a fan of having your photo taken solo, I can totally relate, and I’ll do my very best to put you at ease (and tell you what to do with those pesky hands!)