FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

My dog doesn’t know sit or stay. Is that a problem?
Not at all! Some of my favorite portraits are of dogs standing up. And rest assured, I have a DEEP well of unique sounds and tasty treats to grab their attention – even if it’s just for that split second while I capture each image.

My dog can’t be off leash. Can I still do a session?
Yes, absolutely! Leashes not only keep you best pal sage, but they’re also important for following local laws when photographing in urban environments. Thanks to the wizardry of Photoshop, leashes will be removed from most final images.

What about harnesses or gentle leaders, can those be edited out?
Well, Photoshop does have it’s limitations. Super bulky harnesses hide so much of the dog’s chest that it’s very challenging to accurately rebuild those pixels in post production. Gentle leaders can leave unsightly shadows or pull on the dog’s skin, so those are also a challenge to digitally remove. If your dog normally wears one of these for their walks, I recommend using it while walking to our location, but also bringing a flat buckle collar to use for the actual shoot. Digital removal for leashes and regular flat collars are included.

My dog is super reactive to other dogs/people/bicycles. How can we do a session?
I completely understand; the world can be a scary place for all of us sometimes. If your dog is nervous or reactive, we can choose a location that suits his temperament.

My dog is a never-ending ball of energy! How do you manage high-energy dogs?
My camera shutter speed goes all the way to 1/8000th of a second – in other words, plenty fast enough to capture even the most active dog! Our sessions never require your dog to sit, stay, and behave for hours (or even minutes!) on end. One of the benefits of hiring a pet-specific photographer is that we know how to work with “hyper” models and still deliver gorgeous images jam packed with personality.

Can I be in the images too?
Of course! I love documenting the wonderful connection between you and your dog. While we can certainly capture a traditional portrait of you both smiling at the camera, my clients especially love the candid images of the moments you share. If you’re especially camera shy, I can still create some lovely, creative images that tell the story of your relationship. Please just trust me, and remember that you don’t need to purchase or display any images that you don’t adore.

What time will our photo session be?
The most magical light for photography happens during the “golden hour,” which is why I schedule most sessions during the last two hours of daylight. However, certain locations - such as urban areas that bustle with activity during the evening—are better suited for morning sessions, when we can still take advantage of the lovely low-angle light.

How do I choose a location?
It’s a big decision, but I’m here to help with plenty of recommendations. During our session-planning call we’ll discuss the look you’re after, any special needs your dog might have (mobility challenges, anxiety, etc.) and scheduling constraints on your part (e.g. mornings only). With all that in mind, we’ll settle on the perfect location for your custom session.

What if it rains or snows?
If the weather is less than ideal, we can definitely reschedule. Your session retainer simply transfers over to our new session date—easy peasy!

Who can come to the session?
Everyone who lives in your household (furry or not) is welcome to participate in our session. In the interest of minimizing distractions, however, I do ask that only those who will be in the photos come along. If you’re interested in holding a session with your dog’s best bud or your extended family, I’d be happy to put together a custom quote.

Do you photograph pets other than dogs?
Fur, feathers, scales and tails - I photograph them all! While the majority of my clients are of the canine variety, I do photograph others from time to time.